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Admitting Your Addiction & Avoiding the Stigma That May Follow

Dependency to drugs is a significant problem that impacts most nations on the planet. Families and their members are ruined when the need for acquiring drugs ends up being more crucial compared to getting food or paying expenses. Way too many children are left without parents when an overdose takes their lives.

So, why then are so many people still unwilling to come forward and admit that they need help?

Hope exists in the kind of medicine recovery facilities that offer top quality therapy options that were not formerly readily available to ordinary individuals. Most individuals that work full time will have some or all of their visit to a therapy center spent for by their insurance policy provider.

Odds of success are excellent if you consider the people that proactively operate at enhancing their circumstance. Recovery is most effective for people that prepare to devote to transforming their lives. If you are still ready to tolerate the negative effect that medication addiction carries your life then you could not prepare to receive treatment due to the fact that the outcomes might not last. You have to have take advantage of on yourself to ensure that you recognize just what the true cost of your addiction is. If you remember what you are shedding by choosing to maintain medications in your life then you could have the ability to get that leverage as well as become all set to seek aid.

Finding a Clinic

You can find treatment clinics all throughout the country as well as there may be one in your state that focuses on your particular problem. You could not really feel embarrassed when you call for help due to the fact that everyone needs help in their life at one factor or one more. One word of caution, beware of suspicious looking offers you get in email regarding rehabilitation clinics. Spammers know no bounds, and various groups have been found sending spam emails to large groups of people to promote certain clinics.

To believe that we could be successful in life without obtaining is crazy and also unreasonable. You are in control of your personal destiny since only you can make the choice to change. There is no such thing as a therapy program that can alter your ideas unless you are likewise ready to transform. Medication addiction takes several forms in culture today. Lots of individuals are addicted to prescription tablets as well as various other lawful compounds. Dependency is not simply regarding illegal materials from foreign nations any kind of longer, it is about day-to-day products and also prescription pills.

It Starts with You

Addiction to medications is a major trouble that impacts most countries in the globe. If you are still willing to tolerate the adverse influence that medication addiction has on your life then you may not be prepared to receive therapy because the outcomes may not last. If you remember what you are shedding by picking to maintain drugs in your life after that you may be able to obtain that utilize and become prepared to seek aid.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney for Colorado DUI Offenses

The view from inside of a jail cell.
If charged with a DUI in Colorado, it’s important to hire a criminal defense lawyer. You should hire a lawyer before your first court date or DMV hearing. Even if you think there is no way to avoid a conviction, you need an attorney. But not just any attorney. You need one that specializes in DUI cases to represent you. Many believe they should accept a plea deal and consequences offered by the court. But, it is important to remember it’s the DA’s responsibility to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A good defense lawyer can uncover weaknesses in the DA’s case against you and apply legal strategies to reduce or get rid of charges.

If a case ends with conviction, a DUI defense attorney will work to get the best solution for their client. Below, we will go over FAQs about Colorado DUIs and what to expect while going through this process.

How do I Hire the Best Colorado DUI Defense Attorney?

Now that you understand the importance of a DUI defense, it’s time to talk about how to choose the right one. First, it’s important to choose a lawyer that specializes in DUI cases. Many firms will advertise DUI defense as one of their specialties. To find out who specializes in this type of case, you need to ask more questions.

To defend you, you will want to choose a lawyer that is well-versed in the evidentiary, criminal, and constitutional law. Each of these areas provides opportunities for a lawyer to defend your DUI case. So it’s important the attorney you choose understands each and how they apply to DUI cases. You will also want to choose counsel that understands blood alcohol and breath test science used by Colorado police.

Will I Have to go to Court when Charged with a DUI?

When accused of a DUI in Colorado, you will have to go to court. There is no way to avoid it. If you want to preserve your right to drive, you will also have to attend a DMV hearing. A DMV hearing must be requested within seven days of your DUI charges. It is imperative that you have representation at both the court hearing and the DMV hearing.

It’s also necessary to realize your ability to drive or what type of license suspension you are facing is determined by the Colorado DMV. The DMV does not handle criminal charges or penalties associated with DUIs. For this reason, all persons accused of DUI must go to court and attend a DMV hearing, if they want to preserve driving privileges.

Will I go to Jail if Convicted of a DUI in Colorado?

One of the first things a defendant asks when charged with DUI is whether they will go to jail as punishment. In most cases, if it is a person’s first offense, they will not face jail time. But, if the driver had a high BAC, an accident took place, or injuries occurred a mandatory jail sentence may be required. A judge can also require jail time based on the following factors:

  • Prior convictions of DUI or drug and alcohol related crimes
  • History of reckless driving
  • No signs of remorse or responsibility
  • Other punishments a defendant could face include:

  • In-Home Detention
  • Jail with Work Release
  • Probation
  • Commitment to a Drug or Alcohol Treatment Facility
  • Will Insurance Premiums Skyrocket After a Colorado DUI Conviction?

    Many defendants worry about the financial consequences of a DUI. For instance, whether their insurance premiums will skyrocket if convicted of a DUI. If found guilty of a DUI charge, insurance premiums will be affected.

    The impact a conviction has on your insurance premiums will be affected by your severity of charges. To reduce financial hardships from a conviction, it is important to work with your attorney.

    How Much Will a DUI Cost?

    Insurance premiums and license fees aren’t the only costs associated with a Colorado DUI conviction. Being convicted of this misdemeanor has several financial consequences including:

  • Court Costs
  • Probation Fees
  • Alcohol or Drug Treatment Costs
  • Loss of Income Due to Court Hearings/Jail Time
  • Surcharges
  • Possible Restitution
  • Fines (ranging from $300 to $1500)
  • A judge will also sentence a DUI defendant to hours of community service. The amount of time required depends on the severity of charges and a defendant’s criminal history. When the costs of all things considered are combined, the sum of money needed to hire a DUI criminal defense attorney is small.

    Will I Lose My Driver’s License when Charged with DUI?

    Yes, you will lose your driving privileges when accused of a DUI. Colorado law is unique because the court system does not determine when, if, or how long a license is suspended or revoked. Instead, a DUI defendant must request a DMV hearing if they wish to have any driving privileges. In general, if it’s a person’s first offense and a blood alcohol test was submitted in the field, the longest suspension will be one month.

    If a person refused the blood alcohol or breath test in the field, they would face up to 1 year of license suspension. Other factors impacting suspension length include injuries, accidents, and behavior towards police when arrested. Regardless of court case status, a defendant can request a provisional license from the DMV.

    It’s also important to realize the DMV hearing and court hearing are independent of each other. A DMV hearing is not required, but a court hearing is. In theory, a person could have their case dismissed at the DMV hearing and still face criminal charges in court.

    Don’t just accept a DUI charge, suspension of license, and other legal ramifications. Whether you think avoiding a conviction is unlikely, or you believe you have been accused of DUI in Colorado unfairly, you need the advice of a DUI attorney. With a lawyer on your team, you will better understand the charges against you, the legal ramifications, and can take part in forming a credible defense on your behalf.

    When you work with an attorney, you can increase your chances of having DUI charges reduced or dismissed. If a conviction is unavoidable, a lawyer can work with the district attorney and court system to create the best outcome for the defendant.

    What Does it Take to Be a Good Private Detective?

    A private detective holding a camera peering into the distance.
    Brennan’s investigation clearly shows us what it takes to become a successful PI, ranging from qualifications, experience, and even traits. Let’s dig deeper into each of these..


    With regard to qualifications, you need a license from your state of residence. Check with your state for the qualifications they look for. You need some training and you must successfully complete a state exam. You may need to be sponsored by a licensed PI, and work under his or her license for around 2 years as a trainee.


    Maybe before you even find out what qualifications your state requires, the first and the most important question that you need to answer is why you want to become a PI. Is it just for the thrill of being in the limelight like Brennan after unraveling some concealed mystery? Well, you need to have something that will keep you going. For Brennan, it is simple: finding truth. In this case, he wanted to find out what happened, whether it favored his client or not.


    After determining that you have a goal that is strong enough, you can enroll for the course and begin your journey to a becoming a PI. Well, you will need to have some traits to help you win in this thrilling, fascinating and dangerous field. Being a PI is not about thrills and adrenaline all the time. You need to have an eye for detail. Patience is not a virtue, it is survival. You need to keep going even when there is no progress. You need to be witty, inquisitive, and persistent. You must find the missing part of the puzzle. You need to identify leads. For Brennan, the lead that no one else could see was simple: disguise. You need to be analytical and imaginative. Most importantly, you need to be low profile. No one should even notice that you could be a PI.

    If you think you have all the things that Brennan has, with regard to passion, traits and qualifications, you are good to go. Ultimately, becoming a private investigator is undoubtedly an interesting, fascinating job. Most importantly, you help bring justice to victims who would never have had a chance to get it. You can be a hero, in the real world, and you not have to be Batman, Spiderman or Superman.

    Here’s What Can Happen When PIs and Law Enforcement Work Together

    A crowd of police officers.
    We all love heroes. When we watch them save the day, it is so thrilling and we cannot wait to be like them. One of our modern day heroes (in the real world) are private investigators. A thrilling career by all standards. Don’t we all want to save the day, some day?

    Ken Brennan is the PI who hit the news headlines when he unraveled the mystery of how a 21-year-old lady was raped, battered and left for dead. He was hired when the hotel where the woman was staying had to defend itself against a lawsuit filed against them with regard to the case. The law firm hired knew that the only professional that could investigate the case with the keenest eye for detail and patience was a private detective. This is where Brennan perfectly fit into the picture. This victory undoubtedly inspired many people to join his world. Becoming a private investigator is no mean feat.

    Before we take lessons from our hero on how to become a PI, a quick look at Brennan’s profile. He was a police officer in his hometown, a job he finds most fulfilling since he is able to give back to society, and help people who are in dire need. He, later on, became a D.E.A agent. Leaving the agency in the mid-90s, he ventured into commodities brokerage, before becoming a PI.

    Brennan was hired to do a seemingly easy thing: find out who attacked and raped the lady, and where the attack took place. Being the friendly, easy going guy, he promised Detective Foote at the police sex-crimes unit offices in Miami that teamwork here was the best way forward. Foote provided the information that they had gathered, and Brennan was to keep Foote informed about every step that he made. If there would be any arrests, he would let Foote do his job. Deal?

    First things first.

    The PI studied all the information, narrowing down on the surveillance footage. He found the missing part of the puzzle. The lady was seen getting into the elevator and was only seen 20 minutes later. Where was she all these time? A big black guy was seen chatting with her in the elevator. Two hours later, he emerged from the elevator pulling a large black suitcase. He later was seen coming back to the hotel without it. Please, note that he had not checked out.

    Half of the puzzle was solved. First of all, the time on the surveillance equipment was wrong. Secondly, why would someone carry their luggage, when they have not checked out, and come back without it? The luggage was undoubtedly the lady.

    The mystery had to be solved. Following clues from the big guy’s friend’s tee, with whom they were seen together in the surveillance footage, our hero PI Googled the words ‘Mercury’ and ‘Verado’. It turned out that the incident happened during a boat show by Mercury Marine. Someone had to know the big guy and his friend. They were not Mercury employees. The tees were given away during the boat show, at the food court. The company in charge of the food had put up some employees at the hotel where the lady was attacked.

    Months later, he got the man’s name: Mike Jones. He had indeed checked into the hotel, leaving a day after the unfortunate accident. Brennan had to find an employer. Someone had to foot his bills as he carried out his heinous acts. He was also likely to work in an industry where he could stay in different places. Brennan googled his former employer’s competitors. None of them had a Michael Lee Jones (the suspect’s full name) as an employee. One company would not respond without a subpoena. Their headquarters were in Tampa, and our hero was heading that way, soon.

    He did get a subpoena via fax, thanks to Detective Foote. The company had an employee called Michael Lee Jones. His description fit what Brennan had perfectly. He worked in Frederick Maryland. When he was arrested, he argued that the lady was a prostitute. He was charged and the rape victim received $300,000 from the hotel.

    Our hero’s instinct was right. The perpetrator has a cool demeanor even when he was spotted dragging the heavy suitcase, and afterward. He had perfected his art. Brennan helped unravel the mystery rapist in other 3 cases. It was the same Michael Lee Jones. Today, he is serving 36 years in prison for sexual assault and felonious sexual contact. Thanks to our hero, Brennan.